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Same Blood

Houghton Mifflin

Ballantine Books
 February, 1990


Part One,
Chapter 1

Page 3

me one night after he followed me to the Victory and I was wearin’ a tight pair of jeans and he was whistlin’ to me outa his truck and I give him the eye ’cause I’ll be straight, I like it when a man looks. And Scooter, he’s got that long hair and beard and a body like a sixteen-year-old with them narrow hips and not a hint of belly, how he saunters and sasses. I felt real sexy, him sayin’ stuff to me ’bout how I’d move under  them  jeans.   I didn’t care nothin’  ’bout them stories, and his three kids and his wife settin’ home with nothin’ but a TV. Them thoughts flew clear outa my head like a potato out the window and just like with Bubby there’s somone backa me sayin’, “Don’t you keep on,” but sump’n even stronger is drivin’ me to it. So I give him the eye so he knowed to follow me home in his truck.

He brings me a six-pack of Genesee and we drink it on the couch with me settin’ on his lap feelin’ real good with all that hair. Now Scooter’s a man would have to live deep in the woods to stay from trouble. He’s got them bright, crooked eyes. I say, “Scooter, you the same as you was in eighth grade, you was wild then, stealin’ stop signs off Clay Hill, people coulda died.” He don’t say nothin’, just unzips his pants and pulls mine down past my knees and swings on top of me and gits both his hands under my bra though it wasn’t undone so it hurts some but I’m just so glad he’s gonna do it I don’t care how I feel. I was dry as a bone when he stuck it in and I remembered Omar gittin’ stuck in Ginger, our dog, ’cause I tried to kick him off her, and Omar, he fell sideways so they was butt to butt, Omar howlin’ away sump’n wicked ’cause it musta been twisted in there, and Ginger, she started runnin’, draggin’ him behind, his butt to hers. It took over an hour ’fore Omar fell out, all the time him howlin’ and she runnin’ through the pasture and under the tractor.

So Scooter’s humpin’ away and I ain’t gittin’ any wetter but it don’t matter ’cause it was over soon and he come down on me, his hands still squeezin’ both my tits like they could pump milk. He was passed out and I felt almost lucky, like you’d feel if you saw an animal, a woodchuck or sump’n, asleep under a tree, like you was peerin’ in on sump’n supposed

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