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In Dark Water

The Ballantine
Publishing Group

First hardcover edition:
August 1998

First Paperback Edition:
May 1999


“Stupendous—and humble. I have never read anything at all like this book. It is so down in the earth, so sweet in its heart, so incredibly accurate in detailed perceptions. Mermer Blakeslee has found the language of the instinctual psyche.”

“Resonant…Blakeslee is adept at revealing a child’s logic behind actions and statements that seem illogical to adults, and in Dorrie she has created a believable character whose resourcefulness keeps pace with her increasing isolation.”

“Blakeslee’s second novel offers a bittersweet account of a family in 1958 upstate New York and the toll that serious trouble takes on their ten-year-old daughter…Written with a fine ear for the voice of a child, Blakeslee builds a lovely portrait and a memorable character in Eudora Buell.”

“The novel deftly shuttles between narrative voices, touches all the bases and nicely traces the uneven topography of sorrow and struggle.”

“Dorrie’s delicately drawn journey to despair and back is riveting, and the re-creation of time and place, upstate New York in the 1950s, is true. A fine novel.”

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